I realised that I have not given any details of my family’s life lately.  You all know of my boring life.  But there is so much action with my loved ones lives and thought I might update you.

Kane is still truck driving but is expecting to be laid off soon for a month or two….as usual.  His girlfriend use to live here in Oregon, but is now in Missouri.  He is planning on visiting her early in January.  She is hoping to move back to Oregon this spring.  He lives in Salem and is hoping to find a temp job to keep him busy this winter.  His band still place shows every week or so.

Max is doing well at his job at the thrift store.  He is also helping with filming a training video for Mt. Angel Developement.  His two regular staff Orelia and Alex are wonderful.  He also has a sub staff member, Andrew who I love.  I am blessed that when I am not with Max, I can be confident in those who are there to help him.

Bailey is loving her job as a Phlebotomist and Lab tech at Silverton Hospital.  It is kind of funny because her boss is a man who I have known all my life as his family were our neighbors.  Her mentor is a friend of LL who use to work for him.  One co-worker is, along with his twin, my oldest childhood friend.  Another is a “token” Miller, as the miller family kinda adopted her husband and by default, her kids and her.   That woman’s sister was one of my best friends in highschool and works there too.  And finally, a friend of Karas, my niece, also works in the lab with Bailey.  So she probably feels the pressure of doing a good job, which isn’t a bad thing. 🙂 I should add here, only one of these people knew she was our daughter until after she was hired.   She is also taking on-line classes in case she wants to eventually go into nursing or a Medical Technician.  Rett is still her sweetheart.  He is working as a security job and lives in Salem.  She is planning in a few months to move to Salem with her friend Olivia.

LL is still working for the Youth Authority, in charge of the main facility and with many of the facilities around the state.  He also is using his degree in psychology.  He got his bachelor’s degree a few years ago and has been waiting for an opportunity to gain experience.  For a few months now, two night a week, he has been running 4 groups of domestic violence offenders.  counseling is where his heart is and I am glad he is using his talent in this way.  This is also where we are getting our play money.  Like for Reno, Christmas presents, etc.  He is still getting together with 2 or three friends to play music every couple of weeks or so.

Busy………..Busy is what they all are.  When I was boohooing to my Doctor L about how I felt life is passing me by and I am not useful, he said “you are making it easier for your family todo what they want by taking care of the home”.  I love doctor L, but not sure if I totally buy it.  But it is good for now.  At least I don’t think I am holding any of them back.

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