Mega Food Meats

Boy oh boy!  Nothing I planned for yesterday happened.  As the morning went along, I started feeling more nauseous, headache, and eventually a fever of over 101.  So I did nothing.  Went to bed around 7:00pm and slept till 6:00 this morning.  But boy do I feel better. 

My, brother David’s surgery went well.  Lucky, his girlfriend Sally is a gem.  They did not get home until 10:00 last night, she then needed to drive quite a ways home and then be at work this morning.  Feel bad that I was no help yesterday, but I do not think a hospital recovery room was the best place for me. 

My house is still in chaos, but I got quite a bit done today.  Went to pick up David, got his prescription filled, took him to Mom’s where I then helped her organize items for the Purdy Christmas that is happening this Sunday.  I then took her to Woodburn to shop for all that was needed.  Man, what a find.  Remember when grocery stores had tons of different cuts of meat, a counter to have something cut to order, and unusual meat items that stores just through away now.  Like chicken feet, brains, etc.   Mega Foods in Woodburn is the place to go.  I think because Woodburn has a large population of Hispanics, they still have everything.  And the produce was just as good.  Not that I am cooking chicken feet anytime soon, but still, it is nice to know that it is there.  I did buy a huge chuck roast there  because someone is retiring tomorrow at LL’s work.  He has me to prepare a couple of things, so I am slow cooking beef to be shredded for sandwiches.  I also threw together beans for another crock pot.  I made my sister Karen’s recipe.  Pork and beans, molasses, liquid smoke, ketchup and crushed pineapple.   The problem is that she doesn’t measure anything and I don’t think the canned beans used is gluten-free, so I just guessed and LL will have to taste and adjust for me. 

I think Mom and I got everything needed for Sunday.  We made lists, boxed things up and hopefully she can stop worrying and relax for the rest of the week.  Well, one can HOPE 🙂


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