Up All Night…..Again

What a nice Sunday I had.  Well, up till a point.  I went to a concert at Willamette University.  The Oregon Symphony and the Von Trapp’s performed mostly Christmas music.  I went with Karen, David, Kris, Kara, and Bailey.  What a lovely way to start the Christmas season.  Mom, LL, Steve and John met us at a local pub for dinner afterwards.

Of course, because I did not want to miss the concert, and I did not want problems once I got there, I did my F, E, and I routine.  Fast, Enema, and Imodium.  I did make it but was so hungry by the time we got to the restaurant afterwards, I made a bad choice for dinner.  This is why I am up blogging at 2:30 in the morning.  I did get a couple of hours sleep before “issues” started up again, so I hope I can get through today.

Today, David, my brother is having surgery.  His girlfriend Sally will be taking him to the hospital.  So I thought I could get stuff done this morning and then keep Sally company while Dave is in surgery.  Well, as I have said before, I do not function well when I don’t sleep, so we will see how I do.  Maybe I will take a nap sometime today.  Right, I never nap no matter how miserable I am.  I am hoping to get my chores done before I become useless.  This means I need to get started on laundry and cleaning before LL and Bailey get up.  Hopefully I wont wake them up.  Bailey starts work at 6:00am at the same hospital David’s having surgery.  Maybe she will have fun and torture her uncle a little.



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