Happy Friday

It is a happy Friday for me.  For no other reason than my digestion feels better and so I feel I have some energy today.  Being gone for 5 days and not feeling well since I got back from the trip……my house, oh my clean house is not so much anymore.  So today is getting stuff back in order and maybe doing a bit of grocery shopping to refill our staples.  I need to get ready for Thanksgiving, but for the most part, I will just plan and make a few calls to guests who would like to bring something.

Thanksgiving is my holiday.  Years ago, right after my dad passing, my siblings and I decided my mom did not need to host any holidays anymore.  Must say, she still does more than her fair share of preparation on any given holiday, but one of us kids host and do the brunt of the prep.  I have always had a fourth of July party at my home, but this last year, I did not feel up to it.  Thanksgiving is a holiday I love doing.  I don’t worry about presents, name drawings, easter bunnies bringing eggs or any of the other trappings that come from other celebrations.  The meal is the centerpiece of Thanksgiving.  One thing to focus on. 

There are other traditions that go along with the meal.  After eating and doing basic clean up, we all roll downstairs to my family room to watch the family favorite, Christmas Vacation.  This is when we all quote every line all through the movie and laugh like we never have seen the movie before.  Then we roll back upstairs, put on some snack and dessert and start playing games.  Yes I love Thanksgiving!

But I still have memories of last year not going so well for me.  Halfway into the morning preparation of the meal, I started having “issues”.  Luckily my sister Karen, and brother David came early and took over for me.  Neither one will be here this year, but I am sure someone will be available if I have this problem again.  Then came game time last year.  Half way through having fun playing cards, “issues” started again.  I spent the remainder of the evening in bed.  This was before I identified gluten as a problem, so I am hoping if I avoid gluten, I will be able to make it through the day.  No matter what, it will be a fun day.  I am planning around 16 people, give or take a couple.  So, here we go.  The start of the holiday season.  LOVE the holidays!


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