Christmas Music

There are two camps as far as I can tell.  I understand both.  In a culture that starts the commercial selling of Christmas far too early, I get the hesitation.  I remember a time when Christmas deco did not come up until after Thanksgiving.  No music, no commercials.  The official Christmas season did not start until after the turkey, dressing and all the Thanksgiving trappings were put away.  But quiet a few years ago, commercials and the like started popping up by the middle of November.  Then, the day after Halloween.  Now, by the middle of October, you will get a glimpse of Christmas decorations, sales, commercials, and so on.  I get it.. I don’t like it either.  I remember when we celebrated Christmas until the epiphany.  Not so any longer.  The day after Christmas, the culture is moving on.  Not sure if it because the presents have been opened, Santa’s job is done and everyone is ready to ring in the New Year.  But it is what it is.  But I am a sell out on one issue.

Christmas Music.  Years ago, the first of the December would usher in the beautiful sounds of bells, Perry Como, Bing, and Nat King Cole.  Before my fire, I had all the albums.  Well I have very few CD’s of my cherished music anymore.  But on a local radio station, the Christmas music has already begun.  LL and Bailey have made their stand.  They are not listening until after Thanksgiving.  I get it.  But I am not on that Band Wagon.  No Sirree.  I LOVE the music.  And since the radio stops playing the day after Christmas now, I am turning it on.  I am getting my jollies.  It puts me in the happy spirit and preparation.  Not only for Christmas, but also for this weeks Thanksgiving preparations.  So when LL and Bailey are not home, I am getting me some of the sounds of Noel.  I do not apologize.  I am not a sell out, because on December 26th, when all goes back to as usual, I still will not have gotten enough of my Bing, Nat, and Perry.  LOVES me some Christmas Music.


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  1. Im with you, i dont like the comercialisation of christmas, but I love the christmas carols. especially the religious ones, which after all is what christmas is all about.

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