190, Fire Alarm, Full Diapers…OH MY

Well, I got back yesterday from Reno.  I had a lot of fun and I think everyone else did also.  I found out the hard way that the Reno time share apartment is quite different from the others I have been to.  I brought my food.  One afternoon, after everyone was having a nice dinner, I went to the room to make a steak dinner for myself.  Normally they have a balcony with a grill, but this place didn’t so I proceeded to pan fry my steak.  It was getting a bit smokey so I turned on the fan.  Getting really smokey so LL opened the door to the hall since the windows did not open.  Then it happened…….Fire Alarm….Not just in our room, but the whole building.  I proceeded to behave in the very mature calm person that I am.  Yes, I ran to the bathroom and started crying.  Oh what a night mare.  It gave Kris and Steve something to laugh about the rest of the trip. 

About gambling.  I am the worse gambler around.  I don’t do it much and feel I am not missing anything.  But I put $5.00 in a machine at the CalNeva and got a $190.00 pot.  Unheard of for me.  I gave half to LL, because he was really stinking, and I had fun with the rest.

Then came our last evening there.  I sat with Karen and Doug while they ate dinner and as I was walking back to the time share, OH MY, an accident beyond description.  I cleaned my self up, showered, sat down for a while, felt good and Kris and I decided to go to the Sands which is close by.  Big mistake.  Five minutes later my body decided to have another huge accident.  As I was walking back to the time share, I realized I did not have a key and I would have to stand outside and call someone while standing in my own mess.  Luckily, Kyle and Steve were at the room, and if I was not such a mess, I would have hugged them. 

Now I am home and glad to be here.  It was a good trip despite my little episodes with the alarms and “issues”.  Now I can look forward to Thanksgiving which I am putting on for my extended family….Stay tuned. 🙂


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