Long Beach

We had such a nice weekend.  Max and I picked up LL from work around 2:15 on Friday and arrived at Long Beach around 4:45.  It was a beautiful drive. 

We met Steve, Kris and Mom there and everyone relaxed a bit.  We ate tacos for dinner and enjoyed some swimming and hot tub time. 

Saturday we explored downtown Long Beach for a bit.  Stopped at a tavern for appetizers, drinks and football.  Then back to the complex.  Long Beach has a great boardwalk and paths to walk on.  Kris and I took advantage of it a couple of times. 

Sunday, after spending the morning walking, hot tubbing and playing pool, LL, Max, Mom and I headed home.  But not before stopping at Seaside.  A few months ago, I spotted a hat I wanted.  It was a bit spendy but I wanted to go back to see if it was still there.  It was.  It had a flaw and the store gave me a great discount.  Scored!

We got home around 5:00.  Today I need to take Beau to be groomed.  I was hoping to go see Kathy this morning, but I am not trusting my digestion, so maybe I can make it tomorrow.  This week, besides my usually life around here, I need to get ready for Reno.  I will be boarding a plane very early on Friday, so besides getting stuff ready, I need to plan my eating very carefully this week.


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