Life’s A Beach

Good Morning.  Lot’s to do this morning.  Lot’s to do because I have had three rough days which means I got little done.  Tuesday was the worse day ever when talking about “issues” and accidents.  I was miserable.  Wednesday was fine for a while.  I made it to Costco with Kris and Mom.  But I was supposed to spend the evening visiting with a couple of friends in Mt. Angel, but before we could get out-of-town, my friend Becky had to turn around and take me home.  embarrassing:(  Yesterday, I spent most the day sitting quietly, but I did manage to grocery shop.  So this morning……

I need to pack clothes, make meat for tacos, bake gluten-free brownies, pack food, take care of dogs and chickens, help Max pack, and stop at the bank and Roth’s on our way out-of-town so Max can pick up a few items.  Hoping to be on the road by around 1:30.  Hopefully my issues will not interfere with any of this. 

I am really looking forward to a couple of days at the beach.  We will be in Washington and staying at Kris’s time share so the place will be nice.  Just Steve, Kris, Mom, LL, Max and I.  We are planning on making all the meals, playing on the beach and playing card and board games.  That’s the plan.  As usual, my other two kids will be holding down the fort here at home.  So I hope you all will have as relaxing a weekend as I.  Have a great day.


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