It Feels Like November

Good Morning and BRRRRRR……it is cold.  I am blogging at my walking time and will walk at my blogging time because I am thinking the pavement might be slick and I want to see where I am going.  After the time change next week, I will go back to my 6:30 walking time hopefully.

Yesterday, I did not get on computer till late afternoon because I had a lot to do and I have become obsessed with Words with friends, an on-line scrabble game I play with Karen, Bailey, and many cousins etc. Once I get on it, it is impossible to stop.  But maybe my spelling will improve and maybe I will recoup some of my memory loss.


My niece Kara as Cleopatra

 Halloween was busy.  Spent the day doing the weekly cleaning and deep cleaning the living room.  Max and I then went to Mom’s to help her hand out candy.  We were both amazed how many people showed up.  Lots of cute ghosts and goblins.

Today, after it gets a little light out, I will take Beau for a walk, devotion time, go to bank, daily chores, I am going to try to get all the entry ways deep cleaned.  Then tomorrow, hopefully I will be going to Costco and start getting ready for a weekend away. 🙂

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