Bad Habits to New Routines

Sometimes the easiest way to break a bad habit is to go cold turkey.  Like after a year of surgeries, radiation, chemotherapy,…etc.  I had a bad habit of watching t.v.  Watching cooking shows to be specific.  It kept me from being as active as I needed to be to fully recover.  About a year and a half ago, I went cold turkey and watched no t.v. for 30 days.  It broke the habit and now, I dvr most of what I want to watch and wait till I have “issues” or am tired before sitting down to watch.

Sometimes the easiest way to break a bad habit is to set new routines to replace the bad.  I have been working on household routines for a few months now.  I posted about my sister Kris having B.O.(born organization).  And me having B.S. (born scatterbrain).  I will never be a natural organized neat and tidy person.  But I am great with routines.  So with the help of the FlyLady website, I have formed some good habits that is keeping from getting overwhelmed with my huge house and property.  Here are some of the routines I have learned. 

I can’t make the bed as soon as I get out, because I am always up before LL, but shortly after he gets up, the bed gets made.  After bathing, brushing teeth etc. before I leave the bathroom, I swish and swipe.  I have my toilet brush in a container that has cleaner in it, so I just pick it up and swish the toilet every day.  It never gets gross.  I also quickly swipe the bathroom counter and sink which helps because Someone who will remain nameless, ALWAYS leaves toothpaste globs in the sink.  Going out I grab the dirty clothes, take it to the laundry and start a load of wash.  While there, the small bathroom is attached so I do a quick swish and swipe there.  This way my bathrooms are never embarrassing and my laundry is almost always caught up. 

In the kitchen there is a Shine Your Sink routine.  Which basically means always keep your sink empty and shining and lo and behold, your kitchen for some reason stays cleaner.  Now on this, for the most part it has stayed empty and clean, but because most of my “issues” happen in the late afternoon or evening, I sometimes have to get up in the morning to a bit of a mess in the kitchen.  But my routine is before I can eat, or start with my daily chores or weekly cleaning…..the kitchen is back in order. 

The daily chores include the stuff above and taking care of dogs and chickens, sweep or vacuum dog hair, and basic pick up.  The weekly cleaning is of course the dusting, vacuuming of the whole house, mopping, change sheets etc.

Then there is the Zones.  One Zone for every week.  Actually there is five zones total.  Because there is usually a little more left of the month than four weeks.  This is when you take a room, sometimes two rooms and do a more thorough cleaning.  This week is the bedroom.  A few weeks ago I really deep cleaned my bedroom, went through clothes, washed all the bedding, turned the mattress.  So from now on, if I just do the assigned task for the zone, nothing gets out of hand.  Most deep cleaning tasks really need to be done only once every three months, so the zone assignments rotate. 

Routines,…..I was made for routines.  Things are not perfect in my household but nothing and nowhere is out of hand.  No where is gross and no where is cluttered.  So for me it is working.  Now, since I am doing so well with this, I am starting to add some better habits or routines just for myself.  My prayer time and exercise time have been sporadic.  So I am now adding this into my early morning routine.  Hoping for a more ongoing success on these matters.  I am trying to be out the door with Beau on a leash by 6:30 to get our walk in.  No set length of time but 20 to 40 minutes is good for Beau and I.  And after my morning chores are done, I have been sitting down with my list of loved ones and others that are on my prayer list and trying to spend again….20 to 40 minutes reading my bible and praying.  Neither one of these things, praying or walks are a routine yet.  Got a feeling when winter is here, I will try to talk myself out of the early morning walks, but I hope not.  And I do have a tread mill:)


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