Not Made To Last

I love old things.  I love looking in antique shops, admiring craftmanship, and remembering that when I was little, although they were new at the time, my family’s house was full of these items.  Isn’t it wonderful how all over thrift stores, attics, and antique stores, we can find so much that is 30, 40, and 50 years old.  What goods of today will be treasures in 30 years?

Household items like cookie jars might survive.  But so many use vacuum seal plastic containers now.  Maybe a few of today’s toys could be a collectors item.  But much of the toys, even for small children are computerized, digitized to the point that when they stop working (and they always do) they get tossed out to fill our landfills.

Most things are not made to last.  On purpose.  It seems that most technology is obsolete in a few months time.  This laptop I am using at this very moment is only two years old.  But Bailey’s and Max’s are newer and have features that were not even available two years ago.  At least not at a reasonable cost. 

What made me think to write this post today?  Well last night our Wi-Fi completely died.  Well not completely, I have my laptop plugged directly into the,……router?  I think that is the name.  Anyway.  Rett, Bailey’s boyfriend took a look at it last night.  He has fixed it so many times for us in the past, but no go this time.  Well I wasn’t in the room at that moment, but LL, I am sure was disgusted.  I am almost positive words came out of his mouth like “this stupid, worthless piece of @#$%.”  Rett asked him how old our wi-fi was and after LL thought for a minute, he said….”six years old”.  Well I guess Rett was amazed.  I think 6 years must be a long time for one to last.  What I am figuring out is that LL and I were born, raised and started our life together at a time when things lasted.  Did not become obsolete in a blink of an eye.  Our perspective is colored by this.  Still, it frustrates me that no matter how well you take care of things, they will break well before you are done with them.  And in the case of our laptop, when it breaks, it is always cheaper to replace than repair.  What a waste.  Oh well.  I guess if I take the good progress of society, I need to take the bad.  Have a great day.


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