Family Lore

Ever since I was a little girl, I always heard that I was related to Lucille Ball on my father’s side of the family.  I have done a bit of genealogy and I could never find a connection.  I don’t think a connection actually exists.  While looking up a distant cousin’s Staab tree, I noticed he made a connection to the Bach family.  Not only was Sebastian Bach a famous composer, but so was his father and brothers.  But while I was compiling generations and connections, I could never find a link between my family and the Bach family.  My cousins research is much more thorough and probably more accurate, so I am sure I missed it.  So maybe we are related to Lucille Ball and I just did not find the connection…..But I don’t think so.  Just a family lore.

This morning, I heard about an alligator found in Gresham Oregon. 

This reminded me of when my family had a pet alligator when I was probably about 7 years old.  The family lore is that when Doug, my brother was home alone, he stabbed the alligator with a stick and killed it.  This isn’t true.  Yes the alligator died, but Doug did not kill it.  But for years, my siblings and I kid Doug about killing our pet alligator. I know what you are thinking…..”what kind of family has a pet alligator?”  Yes we are strange.  Any way… So for years, all our children have heard us kid Doug about killing the alligator.  And it is likely, when my kids have kids, they will tell their kids about their Uncle Doug and how he killed an alligator.  It will be true as far as they are concerned.  This is how untruths get started and take a life of their own. 

But frankly, I will not lose sleep over this, because I think it is hilarious, the notion that Uncle Doug will always have the label “Alligator Killer”.


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  1. Doug the Alligator Slayer, Hmm in actuality we the Staab Clan had gone on our annual camping trip to Three Creeks Lake. In the excitement of going and of course all the chores prior to going, we forgot to put water in the alligators bathtub and the poor thing dried up while we were away… Doug being Doug took a stick to poke it to see if it was alive, well he had dried up, need I say more.. So that is how Doug became the alligator slayer……

  2. I always thought Grandma did it…. totally just ruined my vision of Grandma the Alligator Slayer… Great whats next? Santa??

  3. I thought the same version as aunt karen except you came home from trail bridge

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