Long week

Well I am actually glad this week is almost over.  LL got home late last night.  Dragged himself to work this morning and he is looking forward to an uneventful weekend.  Bailey too has had a long week.  Starting her new job, although exciting, is still stressful.  When thinking about phlebotomy, usually we think of drawing blood, but there is a lot more to the job and sometimes samples need to be taken from situations that would be difficult for anyone, especially a 19-year-old.  But she is a strong girl who knows what she’s made of.

Today, keeping in mind that LL and Bailey both need a layed-laid-?? back weekend, I will do a few jobs around here that they both tend to take care of on the weekends, and go get a variety of groceries for some good eats.  The only thing LL and I would like to do this weekend, is drop by LL’s brothers house bearing some food or something.  My sister-in-law Dina’s dad passes away a couple of days ago.  We won’t stay long for a visit, but we just want to make a gesture so she knows how much we love her.


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