New Week, New Job

Here’s Bailey in some of her new scrubs.  She refuses to pose for me so this is as good as I could get.  No more wearing her student scrubs.  She completed her practicum at Silverton Hospital and guess what……..They decided to hire her!  Today is her first day working at the hospital as an employee.  She is a phlebotomist and lab tech.  This is an exciting time in her life.  Her plan has been to work a few months and then move out with her friend Olivia.  It’s still the plan but might be slightly delayed because it is evident she needs to buy a new car.  But great things are happening for her.

This week, LL will be out-of-town most the week.  So my days will feel even longer but I won’t be sitting and feeling sorry for myself.  Today I may go to mom’s for a while but mainly go over the house quickly to get my daily and weekly cleaning done cuz tomorrow it is supposed to be 74 degrees and I decided to take advantage of the weather.  If my digestion holds up, I plan to make a day out of shooting pictures.  Go to the Oregon Gardens, drive towards Sublimity to get some landscape shots, and there are a few barns I have been eyeing that I would love to get pictures of.  I love old barns.  So I hope sometime tomorrow, I might post some pictures. 

Taking pictures lately has been frustrating.  Even LL agrees I need to think about investing in a couple more lenses.  Definitely not having a telephoto lens has made taking wildlife pictures almost impossible.  Taking Landscapes, close-up floral-tree-vegetable type pictures, and pictures of wildlife including deer, birds, squirrels etc.  are all my favorite type of photography.  I like having pictures of people, family and such but in the way of developing as a photographer, being outdoors and capture the beauty, warts and all is really where my heart is.


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  1. Congratulations to Bailey, well done.

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