It is early here.  I went to bed around 9:00 last night and wide awake and up by 3:00.  Rough afternoon and evening that left me exhausted.  Oh well. 

Today is LL’s and my 27th Anniversary.  I am a lucky girl to be married to my very best friend.  It is great to spend my life with someone who can put me in my place, laugh at me, and also be my biggest fan.  I do the same for him. 

Our plan is to just go out to dinner to celebrate.  Luckily, I have nothing going on the next couple days so if I get glutened, well I will be miserable but I won’t miss anything.  I think Red Lobster is the plan.  LL has been very busy lately so spending time out with him will be great.  I just have to resist eating all day so I can make it.


Posted on October 12, 2011, in Family, gluten, Holidays. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Happy anniversary, beautiful Konnie!

  2. happy anniversary!
    enjoy your night out, and I hope all the food agrees with you

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