Waste Not!

These are just of few of the peppers I have had stored in my garage for over a week.  I am glad peppers don’t go bad fast.  I just haven’t been motivated to take care of them.  I have green and red bell peppers.  A couple different types of chilis, and a couple of varieties that are new to me. 

Do I chop them up and freeze them?  Should I process them along with onions, tomatillos etc. for a base that LL can use for his salsa this winter?  I have been going out and grabbing a couple to cook with everyday in our meals, but there are so many, they will go bad before I use them up. 

Well, today I have a few things to do around here and while my mom is out  of town, I promised to go over to her house and watch The Closer shows that she has saved for me.  I think she wants them off her DVR.  But, I will try to at least get a few gallon bags filled with chopped peppers into the freezer today.  I getting tired of walking by them in the garage and feeling like they may go to waste.


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