My Boys, My Friends

When I am having a good day, walking around, working here and there and getting lots done…..Beau and Rufus are with me every step. 

When I am having a bad day, sitting, not feeling well, or just plain sad…..Beau and Rufus are there quietly keeping me company.

Being alone a good part of every day, I could get lonely, and sometimes I do.  But I sometimes forget how important these two are to me.  LL calls them my boys.  Even on weekends when others are around, my boys follow me.  Where I am, they are.  LL also calls me “Dog whisper”.  I know them so well that when they want to get my attention by nudging me with their noses, I can tell right away if they are hungry, want petting, or want outside. 

I am very lucky that I have two devoted friends, and I think just maybe they think they are lucky to have me. 🙂


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