Doing Lots but Really Nothing

Took a mini break for a few days.  Didn’t have much to say.  I have been keeping busy though.  This weekend, the kids helped to get the basement looking beautiful.  Monday, I went to Salem with Mom and Kris to get some Costco stuff.  We went out to lunch and I ordered something I had before without incidence, but definitely got glutened and had problems for a couple of days. 

I didn’t feel like blogging because nothing was eventful.  But I did keep busy doing further deep cleaning and sorting of our home.  Starting to feel like this will be a never-ending process.  But still, more molding and doors are sparkling, my front porch furniture has been stored, and more cob webs went bye, bye. 

Yesterday, I went without eating most the day, had a couple of friends over for a visit last night and then this morning I had to clean out with enemas for doctor appointment.  Saw my surgeon and things looked good inside me.  We talked a bit about the possibility of me putting my colostomy back in but I think both of us were not too excited about the prospect and I am going to think long and hard before making a decision.  Plus side would be much more freedom, down side is a very big major surgery and having a different set of dietary and skin issues that go with it.  I am approaching the two-year mark he was making me wait before deciding, but the thought of going that route again is overwhelming and I just don’t have it in me to make that decision for a while.

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  1. I was worried that you were okay. So used to reading your stuff. Glad your house is getting all sparkly but, you’re right, the hard part is keeping it that way! So glad your “inspection” was good.

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