Five am here.  Getting my day started early.  I need my coffee time, computer time and prayer time to start my morning no matter how early it might be.  Maybe I will be brave.  Brave enough to take before pictures this morning.  Before pictures of the basement.  The family room, music room etc.  Today it is going to get mucked out and deep cleaned.  This rarely happens down there because frankly for me, out of sight out of mind.

I rarely spend time down stairs.  The upstairs is warmer and for me, more comfortable.  But after we are done, I need to spend time down there.  It is the only way it will stay in shape.  Maybe I will finally figure out how to use the remotes that go with the T.V.

There was already a scheduling problem with the kids.  Kane has to leave around 10:00 am and Bailey doesn’t want to get up until about then.  But in a couple of hours, I will be a bull-dog with a bull horn.  Seriously not going to let them off the hook.

So here I am, blogging, drinking coffee and needing to do my devotional time.  After that, I want to get my daily chores done upstairs before waking the what is sure to be grumpy kids.  Yes I think I will be brave and take before pictures.  That way I will feel that much more satisfied with the end result.  Have a great morning.


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