Another week

Boy, where did the weekend go?  I spent Saturday mostly in bed trying to stop having “issues”.  I did go to mom’s briefly to celebrate her birthday.  But the day was wasted.  I had three wonderful days before that so I guess I should be happy with only 1/4 of my days really bad.  Will see if this pattern continues.

Sunday I was feeling better and we went back to my mom’s around 4:30.  Karen BBQ pork and with it I had a little cucumber salad and potato salad.  Afterwards, Bailey and I went to the Palace theater here in Silverton and saw The Help.  Finally.  I liked the movie.  I went to it knowing it does not follow the book on key points, so I was there strictly to be entertained.  And I was.  Still love the book and feel the characters in the book are much more layered with different levels of…..I guess humanity.  For instance, I love Alison Janney who plays Skeeter’s mom, but in the book, the mom is much more complex and her treatment of Constantine and daughter was different.  I think the movie really could not capture that kind of richness, as it was already a couple of hours long.  Still, the movie is worth seeing.  Bailey and I got home just in time for my regular “issues”.  Boy that was cutting it too close.  But I did not embarrass myself.

Today, besides getting the place all around cleaned up.  I am going to start working on the basement family room.  LL luckily is insistent that the rest of the family will clean the basement, as I rarely am down there and don’t know what to do will all that cr@*.  Next Saturday is their day to get it done.  (the kids don’t know that yet:)  But their clean and organized is a much lower standard than mine, so I am going to do a bit every day this week.  Like going through the dvds, books, cleaning the blinds.  But when it comes to the music room, the spare basement bedroom, and a lot of the storage room, I am at a loss, because it all looks like junk to me.  Well, I will do what I can and then on Saturday, I will be down there making sure things get properly cleaned. 

Boy I hope I can talk the kids into giving up half their weekend.  Actually, with all of us cleaning, it should only take about three hours.  But you know how I am on estimating time.  Will see.


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