Cheese Please

It is supposed to be 82 degrees today.  This will be one of the last summer like weather we will have here in Oregon until next year.  Boohoo!  I feel like summer had just begun. 

Today I really could spend time getting my bedroom cleaned and show ready.  I might work on it a bit this morning, along with getting my daily chores done, but I think I will spend sometime with my mom today.  Today is my dad’s birthday.  He would have been 83 years old.  Sure do miss him.  My mom never wears her emotions on her sleeve, but I know how hard Father’s day, my parents anniversary, my dad’s birthday and the anniversary of his passing is on me.  So I imagine those days are hard for my mom, and spending the day alone doesn’t sound good for her.  I figure I can have “issues” at her house as easily as at my house.

Speaking of “issues”…..I made delicious mac and cheese and salad yesterday.  I know I did not get glutened but I had a very bad time for hours in the afternoon and evening.  I was hoping to see the movie The Help with my sister Karen last night, but no go:(  I am fearing I might have a big dairy problem, and the thought of giving up cheese is not a happy thought.  But over the next few days I need to eat rice and then introduce some cheese and see what happens.  Oh please, oh please, don’t let it be cheese:(


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