I was hoping to blog yesterday, but internet was down all day.  All no clue why. 

The weekend was busy at Oktoberfest.  And fun.  I looked at lots of arts and crafts, I ate a little, had fun at wine and beer garten, danced a little and had “issues” off and on.  I found two things I could eat.  Fondue with no bread and baked potato.  So that was a happy surprise, but by Saturday afternoon, my body was rebelling a bit, and by Sunday morning I was officially done with the festival.  I did not take my camera around to take pictures except for a couple of shots on Thursday.

Thursday afternoon and evening is the time set aside to meet up with aunts and cousins.  Always a good time.  LL was able to spend a bit of time with us also.  He took the picture.

I did not see LL as much as I would have liked to.  On Thursday night he had a meeting, he worked on Max’s house on Friday.  Friday night his crew worked at the Beer garten, Saturday, he worked in security until closing time.  Sunday, I had hoped we could walk around together.  We ended up spending the day home since my body was not cooperating.  Still, it was a fun weekend.


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  1. It was great seeing you Konnie and all the relatives. You are looking wonderful. I guess we will be seeing you next at the purdy christmas! (just around the corner all ready) 🙂 Love Brenda Williams

  2. It was so good to see you and Rhett and the o’fest. Yes the holidays will be here very soon. Looking forward to it.

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