Bread and Pasta

So here is the thing.  Remember when I was on the phone for half a day with “Peggy” at social security.  Well the issue  did not get fixed.  So I called today, only on hold for half the time but found out they have no record of the letter she made me write and send off that day.  So now I need to download a form, fill it out, fax it and a copy of my previous letter with another letter explaining the situation and maybe, just maybe, this time things will go right!  Really hate dealing with this kinda stuff.

So my day has not gone as planned.  But on the bright side, on the menu for dinner tonight is baked macaroni and cheese, and cucumber salad.  I have found that the gluten-free pastas are much better than the gluten-free breads.  I have found one bread…Udi’s that is tolerable if you always toast it, but it is still a poor substitute for the wheat breads.  But the pastas are a different story.  I can make a casserole with the noodles that the whole family will not go…..ewwwww!  Hopefully the breads will get better.


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