Oops, I did It Again

It has been quite awhile since I have been glutened.  I have at times been careful and at times been lucky.  But last night I was glutened.  Not 100% sure how.  The food should have been safe, the counters were clean, but perhaps there was residue on the skillet used.  Guess I need to do a better job scrubbing the pans. 

So last night was miserable and of course today I am out of commission.  It takes days for my system to get back to “normal”.  As you know, my normal is bad enough, but when glutened, I am totally down for a while.  I have found that I am not unique when it comes to recovering from a gluten attack.  I have talked to a couple of others with celiac and when they get glutened it can take up to a week to feel somewhat normal. 

Was planning on cooking for food at the Oktoberfest today, and I still might be able to do a little, but likely I will be sitting, trying to will my body to heal.  As long as I feel a bit better tomorrow, I will be happy.


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  1. That sucks, Konnie. Hope you feel better soon.

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