Oktoberfest Food….BooHoo

Thinking about this weekend and what I need to prepare to have in Marlin, I started going through all the food I love to have at Oktoberfest in Mt. Angel.  Sausage, Uhh…No, Reuben sandwich..nope, fish taco…not a bite, chicken teriaki…naha.  But maybe my favorite, cheese fondue….not likely.  The St. Mary’s recipe calls for either flour or cornstarch and Kris is working there and will check on it for me, but I am pretty sure they make it with flour for the O’fest.  But if they don’t, I might be able to order it and ask for them to omit the bread.  But I am not thinking it is going to happen.  Nothing….There is not a gluten-free, nut free, casing free food that I can think of…….Shoot.

So I guess I need to plan for more than one or two meals to eat in Marlin. 

I decided I would make sloppy joes with uncle Leo’s ground beef.  Have buns on hand for others, but I will make some rice noodles to put with it.  Then there is a couple of chicken thighs I had left over from the other night.  I can make a little rice to go with it.  Then there is some apples I can turn into apple crumble made with oat flour, and some of my girls eggs and gluten-free toast.  Well that sounds ok, boring, but ok.  So today, I will be browning ground beef, making the apple crumble and packing the food up to take to Marlin. 

Weekends like Oktoberfest weekend is  really kind of depressing……But at least wine is gluten-free:)  The Silver Lining.


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