I Am Getting There

Ewwww, eww, and double eww.  I have talked a lot about not being the best organized and cleanest person in the world.  But until today, I did not thing my place was gross.  OK it was just one area.  But still, ewww, eww, eww.  Decided to tackle the small bathroom and laundry/office area.  From this point on I will call it the utility room.  By 8:00 this morning, I did my daily chores, took care of the chickens and dogs etc.  And then cleaned the small bathroom.  Oh I was feeling good.  See I decluttered it last week, so I just needed to do the real scrubbing.  45 minutes later I am thinking, piece of cake.  I decluttered the laundry room so it should only take me half an hour.:)  I am an idiot.  I made the mistake of having Kane and Max move the washing machine and dryer…..Well I knew my spot cleaner was probably behind there, I figured with the family(not me) having the bad habit of putting dry clothes on top instead of in a basket, there would probably be a few towels and etc.  But what I found behind and underneath defies the description.  Added to it at some point, laundry soap spilt underneath and never got cleaned up. Also, although I haven’t seen a mouse or evidence of one throughout the house.  obviously, one has decided to make the laundry area a run through.  yuk, double yuk!  But what I thought should take me 1/2 hour ended up taking me 2 hours….as usual.

 The kitchen does not have granite tops, but I helped design the lay out and we added the garden window.  I love my Kitchen.

Both bathrooms cleaned top to bottom, inside and out, but I forgot to put my pretty towels to hang…..but you get the gist.

And then there is the entry ways.  I have many to go, but I did get the two main ones scrubbed:)

Boy, I have got a lot done, and what I did not show you is the hallway closets, spare bedroom, and the outside of entries, but I still have my bedroom (not going to take long  because I never let that room get out of hand)  one hallway closet, and Bailey’s room,(which she is mostly responsible for).

But…….That is just inside the upstairs, downstairs is the huge family room, large music room, small bedroom, and storage area, along with the downstairs entry way.  And after that, the garage and etc.  But I am getting there

What I have figured out, is the more I get done for show ready, the less time I have to get more done.  While decluttering and cleaning things top to bottom, I still have to keep all the rooms that I have finished show ready.  I am happy that my kitchen, livingroom etc. is still scrubbed and ubber clean, but every time I finish a room……I have that more to maintain.  Oh well.  I can do it…..really I can:(


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