B.O. and B.S.

Some people have B.O.  No, not the normal B.O. you are thinking.  This B.O. I am talking about is Born Organization.  Some people have B.S..  Born Scatterbrain.  This is actually true.  I have been reading up on it. 

 I have a B.O. sister.  Kris owns two businesses, works full-time, and her house is always neat, clean, and company ready.  I, on the other hand, am a B.S. person.  Yes, I am scatterbrained.  For years, I had developed tools to help me stay on track and could be almost extremely focused.  Especially when I was working with Special Needs kids.  But after two years of Chemo, Radiation and numerous surgeries being under sedation.  I have found myself more forgetful, more sidetracked and scatterbrained than ever before.  Frustrating, does not even begin to describe my feelings about this.  My brother who has had a heart condition and been through surgeries and treatments, has also told me his frustration with the same problem.  It is a real issue with people who have had a life threatening, chronic medical condition.

So here is the thing.  Our place is getting way too big for us.  Four bedrooms, Two full bathrooms, living room, family room, music room, storage room, a cottage house, in-ground swimming pool, all on three city lots will lots of lawn, flower beds etc.  You get the picture.  Well LL and I have been talking for over a year about putting our place up for sale.  We are not in a hurry.  We can afford to sit on it until we get the right price.  But there is a lot to do to get this place show ready.  A couple of rooms to paint, paint touch-up everywhere, clutter to get rid of, prettying it up here and there, and getting everything clean, really clean……And keeping it that way.  Not the best scenario for a B.S. person.  But I am trying.

Over the last week or so, I have gotten some of the entry ways clean and scrubbed.  My Kitchen is in order and cleaned.  Laundry room is mucked out but still needs a scrubbing, bathrooms are organized but still need a scrubbing.  (Scrubbing the laundry/office and bathrooms next week).  Today, I am going through the three large closets in the hallway.  When I put my mind and body to it, I have always done a good job, decluttering and cleaning…….Keeping it that way is my weakness. 

But I have found a website that can help with this.  Fly Lady.  It schedules out all the maintainance work for me.  I hope this works, because when we put our place up for sale, it may take a couple of months, or at least a couple of years to sell it.  That is a long time to keep a place show ready…….at least for me:(


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