I Should Have Been A Nurse

Well hello there:)  I have not been able to blog the last couple days.  My computer itself is fine, but the power cord is no longer working.  LL has been shopping for a new one.  Who knew a power cord was as much as a third of the cost of a computer.  Geesh.  He is going to continue shopping for a better deal.  He was able to bump up the computer using Bailey’s power cord, but it doesn’t fit properly so we wont want to do that often. 

My oldest baby, Kane had surgery on Tuesday.  Quite unexpected and will be recuperating here for a couple of weeks.  He will have a test done next week to see if he will need further surgeries.  I am praying he doesn’t need more surgery.  Two weeks off will be hard enough on his wallet.  But I want him heathy, so what ever that takes.

So I am playing nurse right now.  Yesterday, since I need to be with in ear shot in case Kane needs help, I decided to tackle the sty.  You know, the laundry/office area.  I spent around 5 hours going through everything.  Sorted, purged, and basically going through every piece of paper, electrical gadgets etc.  I still need to deep clean the room and also do a bit of filing, but the worst of it is done.  You may stand and give your applause now:)

Today, again I am needing to remain in ear shot, so I will work on the bathrooms.  Max has woken up with a bit of nausea, so I am not sure if he will make it to work.  If he does, I am needing to pick him up at 4:00 so no lunch for me today.  

Well that has us caught up on the happenings at my house.  Hopefully I will be able to bump up this computer and blog again soon. 



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  1. Get a power cord from http://www.amazon.com. In stores, they’re $100. On Amazon, about $10, give or take.

  2. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kane for a speedy recovery. Love to you and your family Konnie. Brenda Williams

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