This Labor Day weekend is turning out to be nothing like I planned.  Actually, we made it to the wedding.  LL, Bailey and I, went to the ceremony and the bride was beautiful, groom was very handsome and Rett, the best man, was also a handsome devil.

After the ceremony, we go home to finish loading up.  But Max and Kane were talking and Max decided he wanted to stay with Kane and Bailey, then come up the next day, Sunday.  So LL and I make it to the campsite, just the two of us and unload every thing.  I decided I wanted to go down the creek before I eat something.  And while we were there, I hear “Aunt Konnie”, and see my two favorite boys riding their bikes towards me.  Gaij and Sam.  Katie and Josh were walking behind.  We invited them to our campsite for a visit.  Such a nice way to spend the evening.  They left and went to the campsite they were staying at around 8:00pm.  After LL and I ate a light dinner, normally we like to sit around the campfire till bed time.  But being the end of summer, the forest was too dry so campfires were not allowed.  So LL attached a battery to the t.v. and dvd player and we watched an old movie Crossroads.  Wonderful.

Next morning, we find out that Kane needs to get to the doctor.  He was in a lot of pain.  So Bailey took him to Salem, to urgent care and Steve, Kris and Karen picked up Max and came to Miller’s Crossing.  We all make our way to where Katie and Josh were camping, and then down to the river.  It was beautiful, warm and relaxing.  Eventually Bailey, Kara, and Kelli made it to camp.  Leaving Kane at home with lots of antibiotics and pain meds.  I was worried about him. 

We ended up having a nice meal together.  Brauts, Salads, chips and pie.  



After everyone left, I could not do it, I didn’t want to stay another night not knowing how Kane was.  So we came home last night around 8:00pm.  Kane is definitely in a lot of pain but is doing ok. 

So you might be wondering why I titled this post Skunked.  Well, LL and I went to bed and left the french doors open to cool the house down.  Around 1:00 am this morning.  I wake up with a start.  Is something burning?  Bailey runs out, “Mom, what’s that smell?”.  Rufus walks through the french doors and it hits us.  He’d been skunked.  OMG.  He was in the house for probably 45 seconds but that is all it took.  The whole house reeked.  Bailey and I could not take it, so she and I drove to Mt. Angel and snuck into Kris’s house  at 1:30.  Kelli was still awake and she said we didn’t smell bad.  So Bailey and I lay down in the guest room.  Well, not 10 minutes later, we realize that we do smell and we were stinking up Kris’s beautiful house.  So there we are, driving back home around 2:00 am, feeling like vagabonds. 

It’s 8:00 am right now.  The house has aired out.  LL just finished scrubbing Rufus with a peroxide, baking soda combo.  But I think Rufus is staying outside for a few days.  Not sure what today holds.  I am sure whatever I have in mind is not likely to happen, so why even plan.

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