Labor Day Weekend HOOOOOO!

Well good morning to you….and Happy Friday!  The morning here in Silverton has a tiny bit of fall feel.  Cool and crisp.  It even has a fall smell.  But the sun is shining and it is bound to warm up.  This weekend is supposed to turn out to be a scorcher.  I am not too worried about it because for most of the weekend, we will be at Miller’s Crossing, and it is usually 10 degrees cooler there. 

I am looking forward to this weekend.  LL and I made it to Winco last evening and got hopefully everything we need for the weekend and food to start our next week off.  Today, I am getting everything ready.  I have the added chore of packing up the bedding, because I brought it all home last time to give it a good washing.  Camping often this summer has helped me to easily pack and not overpack.  It is second nature now.  Putting the food in a tub, organizing the fridge stuff on one shelf in our home fridge so it is a quick grab and run right before we leave, a few changes of clothes, LL has his list of things and then were off.  But alas, we are not going today.

Tomorrow, our friends daughter Alex is getting married.  We also have the added benefit of Bailey’s Boyfriend Rett being the best man.  So we will be attending the ceremony.  But not the reception which should be a fun one.  We will head out right after the wedding and go to Miller’s Crossing. 

Max will be with us and I think Kane and Bailey will show up at sometime.  I believe Kris and Steve might be visiting at some point too.  One of our fellow campers is hosting a picnic for all the other campers.  I need to bring a side dish, so that will be made today.  Of course I wont eat there but I will have a nice little steak waiting for me to grill when we get back to our camp.

Even though it will be crowded, we hope to spend a good part of our time down at the river.  I will love it, Max will love it, and the dogs will too.  Now where did I put my swim suit?


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