Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

I thought about not writing this post.  I thought I would just make-believe as if nothing happened.  I seriously considered just not mentioning Alice again and maybe no one would notice.  Or I even considered just flat out telling a lie.  But my husband and daughter could tell you I am the worst liar around.  Oh, I might have gotten away with it.  After all, it’s not as if words have to come out of my mouth, and as a result, my lips tighten and thin, like they do when I try to speak an untruth.  It’s not as if I have to try looking you all in the eyes, like I would fail to be able to do if I was looking at you face to face.  It’s not as if you actually have to hear me stumble over my words, stuttering as I am trying to get the false words to form a sentence.  But still, I can not lie to you.

Yesterday, after LL, Max, and I drove to Miller’s Crossing to check on things.  After LL and I did a little grocery shopping, and after going to Mt. Angel and visiting for a couple of hours, I came home and thought I better check on the girls.  As I am walking past the pool, I notice a clump of gold feathers floating by the diving board.  And like the grown, mature, pragmatic, coop keeper that I am, I turned screaming, crying, running into the house.  LL fished Alice out and buried her.  I hope he dug deep because I don’t want Rufus to use Alice as a chew toy later today.

It never occurred to me that she would fall into the pool and drowned.  My other three ladies have walked around the pool every day, never even coming close.  But I should have known not to take things for granted.  Darn, Darn, Darn!  LL has even talked about putting a picket fence in back so that the chickens can’t go by the pool.  (they are kind of messy).  Well if I ever get a new chicken…  The fence will be up first.  So Alice, R.I.P.

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