What I Would Really Like To Do

What I would really like to do this weekend…..Is camp at Miller’s crossing.  But instead, I am home trying to get over this huge cold.

What I would really like to do this morning…….Is walk to the farmers market to see all the lovely flowers and produce.  But I am still sitting here in my jammies, trying not to sneeze into my coffee.

What I would really like to do this afternoon……Is go see a movie. (The Help).  But instead I will probably take some medicine and nap the afternoon away.

What I would really like to do this evening…..Is make a yummy meal.  But I don’t think my family will want my nose dripping into their food.  So something out of a box will have to do.

This cold hit hard and fast.  With the help of medicine, I did sleep ok last night, but still feel lousy.  What I do know about my body when it comes to a cold, is that lying around is not good, so between rests, I will get up, pull a few weeds, cut up a few vegetables, maybe I will walk down the street to the farmers market just for the pleasure.(don’t want to get near anyone though), and sit outside and read, watch the chickens, talk to my dogs, and hope I feel better tomorrow.



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  1. Hope you feel better soon, Konnie! I see you’ve been playing around with your new blog layout. 🙂

  2. I really like your blog! Thanks for visiting mine! I hope you feel better! I really wanted to see the movie the Help too! really enjoyed the book!

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