Light show

My, I haven’t been woken up from thunder and lightning for years.  What a light show we are having.  So loud that Bailey and Max came into the bedroom amazed at the strength.  I think Rufus would have liked to jump in bed with us, but I do have my limits.  Everyone went right back to bed to sleep.  Everyone but me.  I sure could use more sleep because I have caught a humdinger of a cold.  Runny nose, headache, coughing, sneezing, the whole gamut. 

I am supposed to go to breakfast this morning with Mom and Brendon.  Well, I wasn’t going to eat but thought I would still go and have coffee so that I could visit with my nephew.  Not sure if I will make it.  Even if my digestion allows me to go, I really don’t want Mom to catch this cold.  When she gets a cold lately, it seems to hit her hard.  So I am thinking I will need to skip breakfast out.

I am, this morning, going to concentrate my prayers for all those living on the East coast. 

Hurricane Irene looks like it has the capability of a lot of destruction.  And many lives are at risk.  I hope all praying people around the country take the time to pray, and pray, and pray.


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