Baring the Cupboards

Good Morning.  I meant to blog yesterday but for most of the day, my digestion behaved and I got a lot done.  Laundry, cleaning, cooking, cleaning coop, etc.  I found a yummy and easy slaw recipe that does not have mayo and lasts for weeks in the fridge.  Made a big batch but it will be gone in another day or so.  Groceries are getting so high in price that I am trying to use every bit of produce, meat from the freezer, and stuff out of the cupboard.  Supplies are getting a bit low but still have fish in the freezer, left overs in fridge and a few veggies in the garage.  It is interesting making a challenge to not go to the store for quite a few days.  When growing up, my mom never ran to the store for just a couple of items, she used what she had and made do until the next shopping trip.  So in that spirit, I am coming up with creative meals.

Today, my two great-nephews are coming over.  Bailey will be in charge of them for the most part.  I am going to Becky’s for coffee(if my “issues” allow).  Max works today, and it is the first day the staff will be in charge of helping him get ready, getting him there and getting him home at four. 

I am hoping to get some camera time today.  I would like to take pictures of various things and feel I need to experiment with a few setting on the camera that I have avoided.  It is going to be another hot day, loving it but having a hard time keeping the house cool.  Oh well, cool weather will be here soon enough, and so I will enjoy the sun and heat.


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