Go Ask Alice

Today, Max and I have an appointment in Mt. Angel at 9:00.  Should be a short meeting so I should have time to stop at Mom’s before getting Max back before his staff arrives. 

Alice is doing well but she disappears before dusk and I can’t find her to put her into the coop.  In the mornings, I ask her where she has been but we haven’t developed an understanding of each other so she never tells me anything:)  So I planted a lounge chair on the lawn about 7:00 last night and decided to watch where she goes.  But my digestion had other plans.  The back yard is a long way from the bathroom, and I already am going through far too many diapers.  So LL, bless his heart, took over for me.  He says she is perched in the small tree.  Maybe she was last night, but I am pretty sure she wasn’t there the two nights before.  So it is still a puzzle.  He says she kept wanting to go into the coop but the other three terrorists would not let her in.  Really need to have a talk with them.

After Max and I get back this morning, I am going to try to make LL a sugar-free peach cobbler.  Or more like a crisp.  I am going to try to make oat flour with my gluten-free oats and see if it works.  That way, maybe I can have a taste.  I am also going to try to make dinner early and put in the fridge.  Making dinner has been a bit sketchy lately, as I never am sure when my “issues” will hit.


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