Two Happy Boys

As you can see from up above, Beau got his haircut and a new bandanna, and like usual, gave me a great after picture.  But because I was busy with Max this morning, I did not get my usual before picture.  Vicky always does a great job grooming Beau, but I think todays cut is her best yet.  Thanks Vicky!

And after Bailey and I picked Beau up, it was time for Max to go to work.  He was so happy and excited for his first day at the thrift shop.

I will walk to the store at 4:00 if my body lets me.  The store is Helping Hands and they have great stuff in there.  So if you are from the area, go in and check it out, and on Mondays and Thursdays, and hopefully Tuesdays soon, say hi to Max.


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  1. Ahhhh 2 Dapper Men!

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