Tricky Day

Boy, it sure was a warm weekend.  But at least it feels like summer.  I had a bit of a rough day.  LL and I went to Safeway to get a few groceries and I started having “issues”.  I got to the restroom in time.  But after a long while, a lady started pounding on the door.  So before I could get myself out of the store…….yep, an accident.  How embarrassing.  LL was busy shopping, so I called Kane to come get me and he did.  I wanted to swim with my sisters but I had problems the rest of the day. 

So today will be tricky.  I want to take Beau for a walk with Kris and Sami, take Beau to the groomers, Vicky, get home and get Max ready for first day at his new job.(No staff today).  So for the morning I am hoping I have no problems.  But I need to be done with what ever problems I may have by 4:00.  Max gets off work then.  Oh well, it will work out, or it wont.  But this is a bit like when your child starts school.  You want to be there for them.  You want to assure them that everything will be fine, you want to meet the teacher, (in this case it is the staff at the store).  Plus, Max is so excited that I just want to see the joy on his face as he starts his job.



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  1. I am So Excited for him, Missed you Yesterday, see ya soon!

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