Peanut butter and Jelly, I’m the Peanut Butter

Yesterday, I had my great-nephew, Samson with me.  Oh joy.  But with a great bit of sadness.  My niece Katie’s father-in-law unexpectedly went into the hospital 3 days ago, and passed away yesterday.  He was not very old.  But even knowing the sadness all around the situation, I was determined that I gave Sam a good day.  I did not eat much so that digestion did not get in the way.  So after he got to my house yesterday morning, we watered plants, took care of chickens,(Sam fell in love with Alice).  Then we were off to the park. Sam played for about an hour but was getting hungry.

So we went to McDonald’s and took lunch to Great Grandma Evelyn’s and ate lunch.  Then we went to Uncle David’s and swam along with Sam’s Oma, my sister Karen. 

Sam is such a fun kid.  He decided we were a lot alike.  He said “we are buddies”.  And then we ran with it.  I was peanut butter, he was Jelly.  I was Peas, he was carrots, He was Frick and I was Frack.  Then he said “Hey, I will be Bill and you will be Jill”.  Love this kid’s humor.

After that, we went home, ate dinner, popped in a dvd and Sam was asleep by 7:30.  My sister Karen has him today, and later his parents will tell him about grandpa.  Bless all of their hearts.


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  1. thank you for all that you do for us! He is the funnest kid to be around….most days. Sam is doing the best out of all of us since Marks passing. I think most people forget Sam spent 5-6 days a week with Mark. We have had lots of chats since that day about death and our souls, funny thing is, Sam has been the wisest of us all. A great President of the United States of America he will be! …after being a rock star he says!

    • My pleasure:) Yes, Sam does seem to have an old soul. He told me that if his grandpa died, it would be very sad for him (sam), but he thought that grandpa will be happy in heaven. This at age 8. pretty cool.

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