Max is so excited

I will have to do another post later today.  I took pictures of my mom’s beautiful yard yesterday but left my camera at her house.  After I pick up my camera, I want to take pictures of Alice, my new hen. 

I was thinking about going to Miller’s Crossing today and camp by myself for a couple days.  I really want to do that.  But since we picked up Alice last night, I need to stick around and make sure all the hens get along.  I would love to camp next week by myself, but next week there will be a lot of changes for Max.

His meeting went really well.  As a result, tonight is his last night of work as a janitor.  He starts a new job next Monday.  He will be working at a local store called Helping Hands that is a thrift store that people with disabilities work at.  He is so excited.  He will work two days a week from 11:00 am to 4:pm.  Then increase his days as he adjusts to his new schedule.  So I will want to be at home next week to help with the transition.

Good things really need to happen for him.  He has been a bit down lately and really needed this change.


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