I went to my friend Becky’s yesterday for coffee.  But before we settled down for a chat, I had to take pictures of her cute coop and 5 lovely ladies.

I wanted to take a look at her chickens because she has an Americana.  My Aunt Leone has an Americana for me but is not sure which one it is because she has 2 other different breed hens that are different from her normal chickens.  I had an idea what an Americana looks like but I wanted to make sure before I go and pick up Alice.  Yes, I am going to name my next chicken Alice.  More later on why it is not an H name.

The Americana is the gold chicken without the comb, and she has a beard(know the feeling).  She also has muffs on her cheek which make her look like a chipmunk.

After spending an hour or so visiting, I went home and got ready for my meeting for Kathy in Salem.  It went great.  The crisis is over.  She does not need to move and the State and her team found a good compromise.  Yippee!

I hope Max’s meeting goes as well.  Max’s meeting is at 2:30 and is bound to be a very long meeting as we have a lot to iron out.  Before that, I am hoping to be able to take Beau for a walk, get a few chores done and go to Mt. Angel early to visit Mom.  She lives a block away from the meeting.

Have a great day!


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  1. Konnie, if you get a chicken with a mustache, you can name it Lynda… lol

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