Realistic Hermit

I feel I am headed back to a constant hermit life.  Weeks of my problems with “issues” have been increasing and progressing.  Even when carefully avoiding gluten, I find myself having a bathroom session for 1 to 3 hours after EVERY time I eat. 

I had a good time at David’s meeting his girlfriend Sally’s family, but as soon as I ate, I ended up at Karen’s house and went home early. 

Yesterday was a very busy day.  Had a short session before me day started, so I thought I would be good the rest of the day.  Bailey, Beau and I went to Mt. Angel and walked with Kris, Kara, and David’s basset hound Sami.  A nice way to start our day.  Got back home to get Max up (No Staff)  and because we had a couple people from his program coming over, Max and I spent a couple hours cleaning his house.  Met with them and then took Max to recycle and picked up a couple things at the store.  So I got quite a bit done.  My digestion was kept in check because I did not eat.  So I was getting hungry about dinner time.  

Unfortunately, before I was done eating dinner, I was off and running with yet again another very bad session of “issues”.  And this lasted till I fell asleep. 

So this morning I am looking at my day, and looking at the rest of the week.  I want to go have coffee at Pam, my friend’s house.  Becky, Pam and I have been trying to meet for coffee every week to reconnect.  They both work for schools and will be going back to work in another couple weeks.  So I don’t want to miss our meeting.  For the afternoon, I am not sure if Kathy’s meeting is still on.  I have left a couple messages to find out but have not heard back from anyone.  So I will plan on going to the meeting in Salem at 2:00.  This means no breakfast and lunch.  Then the plan is just eating plain white rice for dinner.  Because the next day I have a very important meeting for Max at 2:30 and can not chance missing it. 

After I get through these next two days, there is nothing pressing scheduled and I will resume my hermit life.  Which means making fewer plans outside of my home.  Insisting if a meeting is necessary, to be scheduled first thing in the mornings.  And go back to the 90% staying at home.  The stress of not being able to eat, or the stress of having an accident in public is just too great.  So even though I am a Resistant Hermit, I am also a Realistic Hermit.


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  1. Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly again but thank goodness for the internet. Hope all is better soon.

    • Thanks Kayli. I am so frustrated with blogger. I haven’t been able to get my comment to go through on your blog and a few others. I love your Homer days photos. I am thinking we should take the dogs to Oregon Gardens for a meet and walk. The thought of even eating a potato at a restaurant right now is just too daunting.

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