Busy Week

I have not figured out how to post pictures yet.  But to be honest, this week was so busy, I really haven’t taken the time to learn.

Last weekend and week made me feel less of a hermit, and more like a normal person.  After going to Homer Days festival, LL and I went on Sunday to our camp, Miller’s Crossing.  We spent 2 nights there.  It ended up being a very relaxing time with lots of animals to enjoy.  Monday morning, we went to Detroit Lake to fish.  LL’s first fish was too small but it swallowed the hook pretty deep and after we put it back in the water, we knew it would not survive.  We decided to move the boat to a different location and as we got a little distance from the little fish we threw back, an eagle swept down and picked up the fish and flew away.  It was something to behold.  I have seen a hawk do this before but not an eagle.  This was alone worth the trip. There were many ducks swimming around us also.   We caught a couple more fish and decided to make our way down the mountain back to our campsite.

We spent the rest of the day just hanging out, napping, walking and visited with other campers.  The next morning I had two beautiful deer visit our camp.  They let me take lots of pictures and stayed for about 45 minutes.  This was before LL got up but luckily I had the pictures to prove the visit.

We got back on Tuesday.  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I was in charge of Max, as we had no staff for him those days.  We kept busy returning recyclable cans and bottles, shopping, etc.

This weekend LL and I had a nice time at our neighbor’s party.  I took a cobbler I made at mom’s house. (didn’t want to gluten my kitchen).  It was Kris’s recipe and I am told by everyone at the party that it was to die for.  I have to take their word because I could not even have a taste.  Left the party earlier than I would like.  My digestive “issues” made it necessary to run home.

Today, if my “issues” improve, we are going to my brother’s home for a barbecue.  Not sure if I will make it. 

It is interesting how the week before, I was miserable stuck at home with “issues”.  And this week I was able to be active.  Oh I did have a couple bad nights, but it wasn’t constant.  There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it.  I hope this continues a few more days because I have a meeting for Kathy, my sister, on Tuesday afternoon, and a meeting for Max, Wednesday afternoon.  My life is a crap shoot:)


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