Welcome! New home

After using my previous blog server for 1 1/2 years, I am hoping to have a comfortable home here at wordpress.  After many format changes with my past server and having issues that made it almost impossible to post regularly, I am hoping this new blog will be a place to chew the fat and not raise my blood pressure while doing so.  Welcome any new readers, and welcome my faithful KJ Restart readers.  Please take the time to comment so I know my old friends are finding me.  Yes Aunts that means you too.


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  1. Glad you did not give up.
    Aunt Linda

    • Thanks Linda. The blog format is totally different than before and it will take me quite a while to get a top picture and background I am happy with but will be worth it if it is more user friendly.

  2. Good luck on the new blog.
    Change is good they say (repeat, repeat, repeat).

    • Thanks Kayli. Rode our scooters by yesterday but still have not had the courage to just knock on your door.

      • It’s better to call first because we haven’t been keeping a set schedule for being home (no burglars seeing this, right?). Is there anyplace in town that is gluten-free for you, that we can meet for lunch? or we could walk the dogs at the Garden?

      • I do pretty well at Thai Dish and I can usually get a baked potato most anywhere.

  3. Howdie, glad you have moved. I was having problems seeing your blog. But how do we follow? I might have to bookmark and remember to check in.
    good luck with the new address.

    • Glad to hear from you Angela. I have been having a hard time with my comments going through on your blog and also Kayli’s. Frustrating. but I will keep trying.

  4. Found you, I too am glad you are going to continue, how would I start my day if I did not click onto your blog.. Love, Karen

  5. brenda williams

    Hi Konnie, i love reading about you and your family even though i only see you guys during oktoberfest, purdy xmas, and picnics(when the weather is decent 🙂 ) i like that somehow i can still feel like im keeping in touch even with grandma (elaine) being gone. when mom(valerie) is not able to have time to get on the internet i always pass along your stories. thanks konnie for keeping us in the loop! love brenda williams

  6. Konnie, I’m sticking with you. Your positive attitude rubs off on me 🙂 Lynda

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